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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Hello earthlings. Readers, fellas. What's up? It's 10:50 pm and I kinda feel like writing something and just pour my heart out and let all the emotions out too.

How do I even start? Hmmmm lemme think. So why do you think you have to be in a relationship with someone? I mean it's not mandatory to have one yet most of us, teenagers mostly, make it as a necessary. It's okay to fall for someone as it is the nature of being a human but it's never essential to always pair up with somebody.
If you are in a relationship, where do you think it will lead you? Before you think of having a relationship with someone, think very hard because it is not 24/7 fun and sweet. There are commitments you have to deal with. And if the relationship is not aimed to end by tying a knot, then what's your purpose?
The factors of being in a relationship most probably are because we wanna feel to be loved and we want to have someone to always be there for us. To always listens,comfort,advices,share problems with and love us for who we are. Hmm and maybe lack of love from the family too?
I ain't an angel nor free of sins. I don't want you, school kids, to even get close in having a relationship. People are diverse in attitude,heart,soul and the list goes on. What I am scared is that your partner loves you just for the sake of nafs or even lust. My lady, if he respects you he will not touch you but if you two are alone, I don't have to tell you who is the third person in charge of the nafs.

Recently, I followed @twtsecretsmy in Twitter and confessions after confessions really strikes me about how pre-marital sex are expanding now. It's intimidating. Probably because I don't live in the big city so I am not really exposed to things like that or I was spending time at home too much. It was few years back when I found out how bad teens problems are through internet. Really, I have never imagine it to be so bad. The act of self harm are also high. It is just plain stupid to hurt yourself when you are actually mad at someone else. Come to think of it, why are you hurting yourself when you should actually hurt the person who made you feel so? I don't mean hurting them physically, mentally is much more powerful. And try to talk to someone. Nothing soothes you the most than letting out the emotions to someone who truly cares. If your boyfriend is a jerk, you still have your bestfriends? And don't forget parents&cousins are always there for us. God is there for you 24/7!
Please I am begging you, think twice thrice and millions time before you wanna be in a relationship with someone. If it's just for fun, please decline cause you are only wasting your time. Having a relationship with someone in school is different when you guys grow up later and lead a very busy life.
I am not exceptional from this when I was in school, I admit. But each time I remember every now and then, it only ends up feeling humiliated and regret.
The only thing you have to think about during school years is study. That is all you have to think about because you don't have any heavy responsibilities at all (although that may not apply to all). You just have to study. One more thing is that, sometimes relationship interrupts and distracts you from studying because you probably spending too much time with your so called lover.

One of my dislike about it is sometimes your friend forgets you as they are spending much more time on/with their partners instead of their friends. It hurts because imagine if you have been friends since forever and they suddenly changed. I mean, I get it that you have someone special but that doesn't mean you could ditch your friends just like that. Although your boyfriend is your top priorities but your friends are too. Remember that true friends stay no matter what while boyfriend can simply break up with you. And if that happens, who will you turn into then? Crawl back to your-so-called-bestfriends, I supposed?
Also guys, don't act like your ladies are yours fully. They still got their parents to listen to and yours certainly are not the first priorities. But sometimes it's good when guys show their true self to us, girls because we definitely could tell how he is like in case you got married later. Tapi.. who he is now does not determine that is how he will be in the future because people change and sometimes during a relationship a guy does not shows his darker side, y'know they just being sweet and all.
The power of love are most powerful and it could certainly change someone into a better person. So why don't you use it wisely to change someone into a better person instead of ruining their integrity&dignity.

Bottom of the line, it's okay to be in a relationship because it's the bittersweet of life and in school years you'll experience it (but it's a choice of yours) but before you accept it, think about it multiple times. Are they worth your time? Can they lead you to be a better person? Can they respect you? Are you ready to give commitments? Can he support you in the future? Most importantly, how do your parents feels about it? You know you should never go behind your parents' back as they know what is best for you. I have done so many mistakes before this and I hope I won't do it again in the future. God willingly.

These are just my thoughts inside my skull. You can agree with them or disagree, I don't mind because different people see in different perspectives and not similar in giving their opinions. What I hope for is for you people to respect what I am thinking and not condemning too much. But I do take advices in becoming a better thinker.Thankyou, I shall hit the sack. Boa noite :) Assalamualaikum.